Our red light and infrared equine and canine pads come in three sizes.

Having been both horse and dog owners, we understand the importance of making the most of time and money. Our Light Therapy pads are available in four sizes and are designed to be used all over the horse’s or dog’s body. Unlike other light therapy products, our Light Therapy pads flex both ways, top to bottom and side to side, this makes it easy to wrap around the hoof, the ankle, knee, suspensory or hock. You can leave it flat and place it on the shoulder, neck, back or poll.

Treatment time is under 15 minutes per area with “Gospel’s” Equine or Canine Light Therapy pad!   We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with every pad we sell, that means you can try it at home with no risk.  

Our Equine and Canine Light Therapy pads are designed, manufactured and distributed in our own facility in the heart of Tennessee.  We are truly Made in America!