Unconditional Love comes in all sizes.

When your best buddy is in pain, what do you do?

Canine Light Therapy can help. 


Our dogs are members of our family and whether our wonderful friends are competitors or companions, we want them to be as happy and healthy as possible.  If you are like us, your dog doesn't live outside tethered to a rope, your dog lives in the house with you, eats in the kitchen, watches tv with you and is part of the family.   What do you do when your best friend gets injured or is getting older and you see a little limp or trouble getting up?  You want the best quality of life for your faithful friend, your pup has given you unconditional love. Your veterinarian may suggest one of the many drugs out there, Rimadyl or Previcox or a variety of other anti inflammatories and they are great short term, but most come with unpleasant side effects.  




We love ours!!! Thanks to the Canine Light Therapy pad, we have cut his medication in half. ❤

We love ours!!! Thanks to the Canine Light Therapy pad, we have cut his medication in half. ❤

Now there is a way to help your buddy without drugs and the side effects that come with them and you can treat them at home with Canine Light Therapy.  You may have heard of Cold LASER, LLLT, red light therapy, or photobiomodulation or just Light Therapy. Many veterinarians are having success relieving pain and inflammation treating with this wonderful technology. Now you can treat your dog at home with the same therapeutic energy,  without the stress of getting in and out of the car and at a fraction of the cost with Canine Light Therapy. So what is this light therapy?  It is a safe, effective way to stimulate the body's own healing mechanisms and it has no negative side effects.
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You can choose the perfect size for your buddy.  There are four sizes and a 30 day money back guarantee, so it's a win-win, no risk way to help your sweet pup.



"Wanted to say thanks for shipping out the small light pad the same day I bought it. My Whippet had a sore shoulder so I wanted to get her started as soon as possible. You guys had it shipped before I could call and ask you to put a rush on it if possible.
My Whippet is doing great. No lameness today. Here she is relaxing during her treatment.
Thanks much,"  K. Thomas







"Thank you so much for this product!! My 9 yr old golden seems to really enjoy it and I have noticed a big difference. I love it too! It does work. She even smiles when I put it on her.
I tried it on my knees after working in a hospital for long hours and they feel great too, most importantly Maggy really enjoys it and seems to have relief from her pain. Thank you again for such a great product that is amazing and the customer service was awesome!"
Tina V.









"Thank you for the amazing light pad! In just 3 uses my boy with HD is feeling so much better. He's putting weight back onto his left hip and not bunny hopping as much when he runs. So happy with my light pad!"
K. Hibberts





"I bought the medium sized pad at the Houston World Series of Dog Shows. I've been using it on my dog who has IMPA (Immune-mediated polyarthritis).  She is moving better, and most dramatic, she has gotten off my bed unaided at least 3 times in these last two weeks. It has been months since that has happened, except maybe the day after we see our vet chiropractor. Today Candy had her regular appointment at the vet chiro. I brought the pad to show off and Dr. Robin already knew about it. She found Candy much looser, and her head and neck were in much better alignment than usual.

 Candy asks for the light pad at times, but she also tells me when she’s had enough.  She is so smart!  Our vet chiro, is very pleased with Candy's progress since we've been using the light.  Now to be fair and honest, I have to admit we're also doing core exercises, but the combination is working synergistically.  Candy is so much better and happier!  She may not want to walk farther - it is Houston and therefore, very humid! But she is happier and moves so much better.  I am so very thankful that we met and that light therapy is now a part of our daily routine.  And the best is the intangible -- she's happier. Thank you, from both of us!"

M Cooper and Candy


Many of our clients incorporate the use of their Canine Light Therapy pads as a regular part of their daily routine. It is a non-invasive, easy to use, affordable way to help keep your partner comfortable and happy!   Click here to see what some of our clients have to say about Equine & Canine Light Therapy!
Questions?  Please call us, 615.293.3025.  We are here to make you and your buddy feel better!  
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