Become a Retailer for Equine & Canine Light Therapy

Equine & Canine Light Therapy has become a leader in helping both performance and companion animals stay healthy and strong longer! Our light therapy products are recommended and carried by veterinarians and therapists internationally.

You must have an animal related business or be a healthcare professional.
As a retailer, you purchase our products at a wholesale price and stock them in your facility.
You make the sale and collect the money for the According to “Gospel”...Equine/Canine Light Therapy product order and shipping. Retailer is responsible for sales tax responsibility in their state/province. Of course, you may add shipping, tax, or tariff charges to the base price. We provide information brochures for you to give to prospective clients and we add your contact information to our website.
The minimum order is five pads for every wholesale order, they may be all one size or a combination. Combinations do not include battery packs.
Shipping cost is not included in the price. All products except the Itty Bitty include a hard plastic, foam lined carrying case. The Itty Bitty is presented in a red bag. All pricing is USD.

According to “Gospel”...Equine/Canine Light Therapy is responsible for all warranty and repair issues.

We want to learn about your plan to incorporate and promote our products, please tell us a little about your business.

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Bulk Orders

Bulk order are orders that you place for your club or school, or a group. You do not intend to stock our products in your facility. The minimum order is five pads for a bulk order, they may be all one size or a combination of sizes. Please contact our office to learn more about bulk pricing orders.