Light therapy for treating laminitis & abscesses.

We know from the research that light therapy helps promote tissue regeneration, reduce inflammation, increase circulation, and relieve pain which aids in the maintenance and recovery of laminitis, abscesses and other hoof issues. We know from our customers that it works!
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Crystal Kelly, a dedicated therapist uses light therapy to treat a mare who is running out of time.

I started treatments at end of July 2018 due to a diagnosis of Laminitis on 17 year old ex racehorse. At the beginning she was rocking onto her hinds to maneuver to feed and water but spent most of day and night laying down. Her Veterinarian recommended euthanizing her due to the severity of case.
I used the “Gospel’s” Equine Light Therapy pads on her front legs and hooves with body massages. By the 3rd week she was leaving her stall, eating all her feed and when I’d show up for her treatment she was nickering to me and had excitement in her eyes. After her 5th week she was hot on the lead again, when turned out she was bucking, running and acting like a youthful colt.
Watching the transformation of a horse that was to be put down to being a new horse again is a very emotional event. I’m so thankful for having the right equipment to help with such a great recovery.
Thank you!!!
Crystal Kelly
CK Equine Massage & Farrier Services


Shelley Jones treated grass founder with light therapy.

I purchased the small light to use on my husband's horse who grass foundered. I used it daily for 1 week and then every other day for a week. When he first foundered he could barely walk, today he is acting like his energetic self.  I am still using the lights and will continue. I also use it on the other horses I own. We live on a working cattle ranch so the horses get worked hard, they love it and I love how it makes them feel.

Shelley Jones
Duval Ranching Co.

Stef treated a laminitic, cushings pony with light therapy.


My pony smiled the first time we put these on his feet. This has saved him. He has now successfully weaned off his Bute and no longer needs his Soft Ride boots to walk around. We expect him to return to work (as a leadline pony) in June. So grateful!
He has cushings and is laminitic, he had a flare up this winter during the cold weather and was not recovering. Radiographs had actually improved from previous years but he was in so much pain he could barely walk even in Soft Ride boots. He has improved so much since we've started treating him with your light therapy pads. Thank you!

Stef. H.

Louise treated Cody’s laminitis with light therapy, full recovery!


Cody got into the chickens' corn. That's bad for horses. He got laminitis in his front feet--severe pain, inflammation, tissue damage, edema, less blood flow and founder--a bone in his foot detached, sank and was close to piercing the sole. Poor prognosis at 25 years old. I had read that LED light therapy reduced inflammation, helped reduce pain, increased blood flow, accelerated new cell and tissue growth, reduced swelling and edema, and encouraged the body to clean up dead tissue and bacteria reducing the chance of abscesses forming. He needed all those things to happen in order to heal. For two weeks I put the LED light therapy pads on the front and back of his front feet 3x/day. For 4 more weeks 2x/day. And then 1x/day up until now. At 4 weeks he walked out of his stall to roll in the snow. At 6 weeks he was walking balanced and comfortable. He even ran and bucked briefly. At 7 weeks the farrier trimmed his hoof and hammered new shoes on him. Didn't flinch, looked unconcerned. It looks like he is going to recover well. Thank you Equine and Canine Light Therapy for your wonderful light therapy pads and your advice. Thank you God for watching over Cody and helping me know what to do.


Cody - Left front-12/19/16

Cody - Left front-12/19/16

Cody - Left Front 04/27/17

Cody - Left Front 04/27/17

Rehabilitation for chronic founder with light therapy.


Here is my donkey having her light treatment for a sore foot. She had chronically foundered for years and we brought her to our home for rehabilitation. She is doing very well -- thank you so much for your Light Therapy Pads! They make such a difference with speeding up the healing process. The donkey loves her treatments. At first she wasn't sure about it but as soon as she found out how good it feels, she was more than happy to cooperate.
We have rehabilitated a lot of navicular and foundered horses and sore feet in general and have found the Light Therapy Pads help tremendously. We always use the lights with abscesses, sore tendons, sore muscles, laminitis, mud fever and wounds. We use the lights on anything that hurts and are very pleased with the results.

Skoshie Davis
Hoof and Body
Bellingham, WA

Taffy had a complete recovery after light therapy treatments for laminitis!


Hi my name is Taffy.
I am a Paso Fino, my mom and dad in the horse world are both buckskin so that is why I am light but I am not white.
I foundered in both of my front feet after a 3300 mile ride in a cold trailer truck on our way home from California. All I wanted to do was lay down because my feet hurt.
My mom and dad of the people world tried everything they could find to make me comfortable but nothing made all the pain go away. I know it hurt them as much as it did me and it got to the point that they were thinking they would put me down. They tried to not talk about it in front of me because they know that I understand them.
Then came the Equine Affaire at the Big E in MA and they found a device that uses light to make my feet get better and it has saved my life. I can go out every day now and run like the wind again.
Thank you According to "Gospel", EQUINE LIGHT THERAPY!

Small_hoof_legECLT PRODUCT LINE0948-IG.jpg

Even though the technology used is quite complex, the application is very simple. We designed our pads to have the strength and efficacy to satisfy the healthcare professional and the safety and ease of use to be used by a lay person. Our Small Light Therapy pad works very well to wrap on most hooves. Always consult your veterinarian first when a problem arises.
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