Light Therapy and Laser Classes

Lasers can be used to administer light therapy.  However, there is a misconception that the laser class ratings indicate effectiveness as a light therapy device.  Laser class ratings do NOT indicate effectiveness when used for light therapy.   The Class ratings are Hazard Classes defined by the FDA to indicate the level of danger exposed to the user and the patient.  A Class 1 laser is not likely to cause any harm.  However, a Class 4 laser is very dangerous and should only be used by highly trained technicians; in addition, the user, patient, and everyone else in the room should wear protective eye gear.

Here are the FDA Laser Classifications:

Because of the inherent danger of lasers, we at Equine and Canine Light Therapy use LEDs in our products.  LEDs are safe and have no hazard rating by the FDA.   LEDs provide the same therapeutic photonic energy as lasers and are just as effective for light therapy.  Equine and Canine light therapy pads are very powerful (up to 7200 mW) but very safe.