Light Therapy Frequencies Do NOT Help

There is no therapeutic value of “frequencies” in Light Therapy.  The term “frequency”, when used with light therapy, refers to the practice of rapidly switching the light source on and off.  We have searched for years for independent and repeatable research that proves there is any therapeutic value to this practice and we have found none.  We have even interviewed the top light therapy researchers at the NAALT conferences.  The PhD’s we spoke to said they have been searching for years but have not found any value in using frequencies in Photobiomodulation (aka Light Therapy). 

We at Equine and Canine Light Therapy strive to make the most effective, the most affordable and easiest to use light therapy devices.  Since “frequencies” DO NOT improve effectiveness but DO increase the cost and complexity; we do not include them in our products.  If, in the future, there is any credible research that proves “frequencies” help with light therapy then we will consider incorporating them into our products.

BTW the ineffectiveness of “frequencies” includes the Dr. Paul Nogier’s frequencies that are used in many light therapy products.  There is simply NO proof that they are beneficial in any way.

Dennis C. Reguli, MSEE, Chief Electrical Engineer, Equine & Canine Light Therapy