"Gospel's" Large Light Therapy Pad (No Case)

"Gospel's" Large Light Therapy Pad (No Case)



"Gospel's" Equine & Canine - Large Light Therapy Pad 

12" X 17" (43.2cm x 30.5cm)  has 264 LEDs! 
120 visible red (660nm) and 144 near infrared (880nm)
Internal Timer turns pad off after recommended treatment time

This pad is so versatile! Whether you are a health care professional, trainer or a horse or dog owner, this pad is a "must have".
Large enough to wrap around the entire leg from the knee to the hoof
Lay it flat on your horse or dog's back,
Great for treating hip problems in both dogs and horses
Will wrap around the entire hock
Treat the entire shoulder or neck area
Great for stimulating acupuncture points
Use in the saddle area after a long ride or warming up muscles before a ride, show or event
A must for the strenuous weekends of Flyball, Agility Trials or horse shows!
A must have for any wound, soft tissue injury, to use on a chronic problem area or for preventive maintenance.
Treatment time is only 15 minutes per area. See our FAQ section for more information.
Please remember, the infrared LEDs are not visible to the human eye.
Power supply plugs into pad for quick release, if needed.
Backing on pad is an unbreakable loop material that easily adheres to velcro.
Power supply is compatible with international power sources (plug adapter needed)

Included: Everything you need!
"Gospel's" Equine & Canine -Large Light Therapy Pad
Four velcro straps
Switching mode power supply with 10 foot cord
Power supply plugs into outlet or extension cord

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