Professional Light Therapy Kit I

Professional Light Therapy Kit I

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Professional Light Therapy Kit I
$1561.00 if purchased separately

Our Professional Kits are very popular with health care professionals, but they are also great for anyone who has multiple animals.  We have three options available on our website, but we will make a custom kit just for you if you need multiple light therapy pads and don't see the perfect one for your herd or pack. We have GREAT discounts on our Pro Kits! A Pro Kit you must include 3 or more light therapy pads. Please note, Pro Kits are not returnable.

Our Pro Case is 18.1" x 13.5 " x 6.5" and has an easy-carry comfortable grip handle.  This sturdy case also has custom cut foam to house your power supplies and  battery packs beneath the pads.

1 -"Gospel's" Equine & Canine Small Light Therapy Pad
     9-1/2" X 7"  (24.1cm x 17.8cm) has 66 LEDs
1 - "Gospel's" Equine & Canine Medium Light Therapy Pad
     9-1/2" X 12"  (30.5cm X 24.1cm) and has 132 LEDs! 
1 - "Gospel's" Equine & Canine - Large Light Therapy Pad
     12" X 17" (43.2cm x 30.5cm)  has 264 LEDs! 
1 - "Gospel's" Rechargeable Battery Pack
3 - Power Supplies
10 - Velcro Straps
1 - Professional Aluminum Foam Lined Case

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